For the Love of Family

KatrinaAriel-momtwinsI never thought I’d be a mom. In fact, I was dead set against the idea for many years. Obviously, I came around, and decided it was a good idea after all.

When I thought about how many kids I wanted, my idea was simple: “I’d like two children, as close together as possible.”

You know that saying, “Be careful what you wish for”?

Two boys at once, that’s what I got. And they’re wonderful. I’m overjoyed at being the mother of twins. Overwhelmed sometimes, for sure, but grateful all the same.

There they are, my little tree-huggers. Ryan Phoenix and Zachary Skye. Oh, how I love them.

It takes quite a bit of adjustment, to go from having a life of your own to being a mother. My schedule is now dictated by the needs of my babies.

And, oh dear, they’re really not babies any longer. They’re walking around like little drunken sailors, and getting faster and more surefooted every day.

Now that my boys are fifteen months old, I seem to be able to find a bit more time for myself. It has been exciting and so fulfilling to get back into writing and creating. Making this website, blogging, finishing my novels and starting the wonderful process of querying agents have all been extremely fun for me!

But I have to keep reminding myself not to get overly caught up in “me” stuff. Because, as much as I’m loving setting my artistic soul free to fly, I am now, first and foremost, a mother.

That means, when my boys need my attention, I have to put everything else on hold. Sometimes that’s hard to do! I think it’s natural for us, as human beings, to want to continue a project, to finish what we’ve started and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

Children don’t get that, though. Well, they do when they’re playing and don’t want to be taken away from it, but they don’t realize that the same goes for mommy and daddy. And, since I’ve had a few years to work on that elusive thing called patience, I guess it’s easier for me to take a breath, stop what I’m doing, and devote my attention to my sons.

Because, really, they are growing so very fast. And, even though they’re toddlers now, they’ll always be my babies.


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  3. And you are an excellent mother!

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