What’s Your Dream? Me, I’m Dreaming of Horses. #DreamBig

dressed up friesianI’m a firm believer in dreaming big. Setting intention and taking steps toward the life of your dreams is the only way to live it, right?

Whatever you want to make happen, no matter how large or small, a thought or vision is the first step. We bring it into intent, then into the physical through word or action.

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about horses. A lot.

In the interest of bringing my dream a little closer to reality (and for the simple fact that I know I’m not the only horse lover out there), here’s some horse eye candy for you.

As a mother, I’ve discovered how crucial it is to have my own dreams, and rekindle them on a regular basis. If that means I’m envisioning my future horses while tandem nursing my 17 month old sons, so be it.

My two favorite fairy-tale horse breeds are the Gypsy Vanner and the Friesian. Both have, as one site has described it, “gobs of hair” with feathers around their hooves, and abundantly luxurious manes and tails.

Gypsy Vanner and Friesian Horses

white and black friesians

Friesians are black light draft horses that would do equally well as a war horse, companion, or farm horse.

Friesian Horse

Friesian Horse

The Gypsy Vanner, or Gypsy Cob, comes in a stunning variety of colors, including the signature black and white Tobiano marking. They are generally not as tall as Friesians, but are a heavier draft horse as they were bred for pulling the wagon homes of the gypsies.

Gypsy Vanner

Both breeds are known for being extremely willing to work with people, gentle natured and family friendly.

gypsy palomino

Gypsy Vanner

I have expensive taste in horses. A Friesian is hard to find for less than $12k, generally closer to $20k. A mature Gypsy Vanner runs between $15k and $8k. Of course, since I like to dream big, I’ve included in the vision a ranch for the horses to run, a beautiful house where I live with my family, and help so I don’t have to do it all myself.

Wanted: Future ranch hand. Job includes care of horses, feeding and grooming, grounds maintenance, and ploughing the snow in the winter. Natural horsemanship and house building experience a plus.

woman riding friesian

Sure, I’m dreaming, but it’s an attainable dream. Just like being an international bestselling author. That’s attainable too. Others have done it before me, and I believe in a magic combination of daily visualization, hard work, perseverance, and divine intervention.

Bringing it back to the personal: it’s never too late to live your dream.

Sure, it would have been amazing to have a horse when I was a girl, but now’s good too. And when I think of my boys getting to grow up around these beautiful animals, it makes the dream that much more important.

white gypsy stalion

Unicorn incognito

One last thing: I believe in living your dream to whatever extent you can right now.

I’m lucky. I live in a valley where lots of people have horses. There are three ranches within 15 minutes of our house where I can go to visit friends and horses. So Ryan and Zachary, my twin sons, are around horses a lot. As am I, which feeds my dream and keeps a big smile on my face!

What’s your dream? And, if it has anything to do with horses, what’s your dream horse?

Please leave a comment and share – bring it into the realm of writing and closer to attainment. ☺

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