Keeping the Fire Alive – A Discussion on Divinity, Gods and Goddesses

BrighidSaints, profits, gods, goddesses and masters of all kinds are part of the creation just as we are. They simply are operating with a much broader library of knowledge and ability than those of us journeying through the experience of humanity.

Sacred fire is a common theme in the cultures of our world, both past and present, just like gods and goddesses often bridge different faiths and the cycles of time. Flame speaks of spirit, of inspiration, of light and magic, warmth and life.

Today is a good day to write about gods and goddesses (although I’m all for contemplating divinity every day). This blog post was inspired on the first day of February, or Imbolic, also known as St. Brigid’s day, which marks the first day of spring in Gaelic tradition (especially in Ireland and Scotland).

To me, the Gaelic festival days are a reminder to rekindle the fire within. A great way to do this daily is to set intention in meditation, and then let it go. Another way is to dream big. Keep your own dream alive through thought and action every day, and notice how bright your heart shines. By believing in your dreams you feed your own sacred fire.

I live in the highlands of British Columbia, Canada, and my wood burning stove is well stoked. Saint Brigid would like that, for the sacred fire is something well within her domain. Brighid is also known as the goddess of healing, home, childbirth, sacred springs, sacred fire and the hearth, as well as poetry and smithcraft.

I appreciate the archetypes that gods and goddesses represent. They help us, as humans, to focus on something.

For instance, Ganesh is the large bellied, elephant headed Lord of Beginnings, you may know from the tradition of yoga. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. So you might bring him to mind if you are starting something, or seeking guidance on how to overcome something that seems to stand in your way.

I’ve always been fascinated with gods and goddesses, which are found in every culture’s history. Though these deities have confused people who aren’t familiar with them, this is how I think of it:

A Discussion of Divinity

It’s always interesting when talking about God, because it’s the ultimate subject that no one can nail down, there being as many ways to describe the One as there are people. Here’s the cosmology that makes sense to me, informed by the wisdom of yoga (the Tattvas), as well as other traditions and methodologies:

There is One conscious entity that holds us all, is in Itself, everything that is.

But that One wants to experience, wants to grow. And so it becomes two: Divine Mother and the Sacred Father.

From this God and Goddess, come all else: Consciousness and creativity unite in the realm of physical and energetic.

It is not uncommon for humans to be in direct contact with masters who have an interest in helping humans and uplifting planet earth. People throughout time have received messages from saints and the Divine, and there are more and more people accessing that channel of light in lots of ways, including using the Akashic Records.

Some of the messages are shared, and some are not.


How to Consciously Connect with the Divine

All of us can connect to our guides: the gods, goddesses, saints, and ascended masters who lovingly support us. All that is needed is to combine heart and intent. Sometimes it’s as simple as prayer, as in, “Dear God . . .” Other times, this connection is made through careful intent and a meditative state.

I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process that encourages you to develop your own approach. Figure out what works for you and use it. These steps are just ideas for you to start with.

  1. Light, Purity and Protection. Consciously connect and embody the light that is your truth. Know you are pure and call forth your divine self. Envisioning light, grounding to the earth, smudging with sage and sounding Om are all ways to do this.
  2. State your intent. Who do you wish to connect with? You can choose your higher self, or God, or you can invoke a master’s name and call their focus. Archangels, gods, goddesses, saints: whomever it is whose guidance you wish to receive. Remember to stay strong in yourself (see step 1), knowing that any connection you make is one of benevolent intent.
  3. Ask a question. What do you want to know?
  4. Listen. Be open. A message will come.
  5. Converse. If you wish.
  6. Gratitude. Give thanks for what you received.
  7. Integrate. Feel any change in energy and think about whatever message you got. Keep what inspires you, and leave anything that does not serve you at this time.

It is ideal to ground yourself after any energy work, or just in general at some point each day. You can follow the meditation in the link, if you’d like guidance. This is a great one to do for step 1 of the exercise above.

Using mantra can also be a great way to connect with a particular archetype or master.

Some questions to think about (and maybe leave your thoughts in the comments below) *

Who are your own personal guides, or the expression of divinity you feel most connected with?

Do you already receive messages from a higher level of your consciousness?

How do you keep your own inner fire alive?

What god or goddess inspires you? (i.e. Brighid, Archangel Gabriel, Jesus Christ, Isis, etc.)

ecuador-stained-glass* If you have an open mind, it’s nice to discuss these things, as it makes it more normal and natural for people who might doubt their own abilities to access divine messages.

The thing is, we’re surrounded by expressions of the divine. The act of creation is often something an artist can’t explain. Have you ever had an idea come out of nowhere? So many books, songs, and other masterpieces have evolved from something that felt to the artist like a divine download. You know that feeling, when things just flow?

On this day and every day, I connect in some way with my divine self and the Self that holds me in its heart. It feels good, and keeps my own light strong so I can enjoy life and bring something meaningful as my contribution to those around me.

And what, pray tell, does any of this have to do with writing? Well, a few things. One, most of us have a muse, of sorts. Somewhere inspiration comes from. Many consider this a divine connection. Two, the discussion of divinity is included in a wide variety of books, across genres. Three, the books I’m writing now include some divine characters, like the goddess Brighid.

What about you? How do you stay inspired?

What god, goddess, or master would you like to see highlighted in this post?

Please leave a comment and join the discussion!

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