Whatever You Do, Keep Writing

Some writers are blessed with muses who continuously chuck ideas at us. I’m glad to be that kind of writer. That doesn’t mean it’s easy—the more I learn, the harder I have to work at it. And, sure, I struggle sometimes, but that usually means I need to go read someone else’s writing for a while.

Right now, I’m working on a series that flows from one trilogy into another. The first trilogy is something I’ve revised so many times I had to step away from it for a year. Wow, am I glad I did!

There’s nothing like revisiting an old project to see how far you’ve improved your craft as a writer—and to challenge everything you’ve learned. It’s slow going, with much of the manuscript needing a face-lift, yet it brings a keen sense of satisfaction.

As I “upgrade” my previous writing, going through a trilogy that is the beginning of a much bigger story, the world building and complex cast of characters keep revealing new ways they fit together across the different books. Sometimes it makes me so excited I squirm in my seat!

I have three manuscripts to edit, and another four waiting to be born. My mind is brimming with ideas.

I don’t say this to brag, but to illustrate the point that—as with any skill—the more I write, the easier it comes. For this I’m grateful. I know it doesn’t always happen this way.

But when I look around, the world is full of inspiration. There are too many truths that need telling, too many corners of the human psyche that need exploring, too many experiences begging to be released for the stories to ever stop. And at this point in history, we need those stories, we need writers who are willing to bear their truth.

The creative process can be therapeutic. I think, for many writers, it’s the only way we feel fully alive. When the world is crazy and everyday life overwhelms, there is the promise of imagination. There’s a way to deal with the intensity of being human, by making art with words.

My stories give me strength. They give me hope. They remind me that magic is a real thing, and that stories are woven into the fabric of our reality. One day, my books will inspire others—maybe so much that their creativity is sparked, and they craft their own words into new worlds.

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