Author and Musician Katrina Ariel


Life, to me, is a tapestry of light.

There are limitless hues of colour and experience. Sometimes the threads contain shadows. Often, brilliance sparkles through the weaving, reminding me that life is, indeed, a gift to be valued.

I’ve tried a little of everything, seemingly, in my human adventure thus far, but my most constant companions and interests are nature, family, music and writing.

Professionally, I was a highly certified yoga instructor before I gave it up to start a family. I have twin boys, and am a full-time Momma-Bear. But I couldn’t stop writing if I tried, which means I blog here and there, and have written five novels in addition to my non-fiction books. If you’re into yoga, check out my yoga site for online offerings including a free meditation service called Doses of Delight.

This website is part personal, part professional. On my blog you’ll find articles related to whatever is most prominent in my life, be it writing and books, family, music, what-have-you. Because of my background in wisdom teachings and my love for bringing people joy, I do hope you’ll find inspiration wherever you look.

Happy wanderings!

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