All is Love – Beautiful, Relaxing Music

One of the best things about music is its ability to create feeling and mood.

With very little effort, and you can go from tired to energized, or from anxiety to calm.

Try this: play the video, listen and breathe, focusing on relaxation and wellbeing. Notice the change in how you feel.

You can, of course, just play the music in the background and carry on with whatever you’re doing. It will still work its feel-good magic.

This is one of those songs that hit me out of the blue while walking in the woods one day. The snow was sparkling, my dog was frolicking, and I didn’t have babies yet, so I was tromping through the snow at my own pace, enjoying the day.

GratitudeAlbumArtI started singing, as is often the case when I’m in nature, and I’m glad I recorded the song then and there so I could bring it into the studio for a professional version. Sometimes, if I don’t record them, songs get sung to the trees, and float away, forgotten. Not that an offering of music to nature is something lost, for I think it is a very worthy thing indeed. And it’s okay to sing and then let go of a song, not clinging, flowing with life. But this was a good one, and now I can share it with you!

In the production of this song, we added the sound of birds chirping at the beginning and end in an effort to recreate the forest environment where the song was born. I hope you love it!

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